Pest Treatment

Pest treatment is provided for number of reasons inclusive of nuisance, damage, contamination and disease transmission.


Insects – treatment (subject to species) may involve pesticide chemical sprays, flushing agents, ULV, spray, bait points, trapping systems, UV lamps, screening, environmental source removal, building repairs and Good house-keeping and pro-active procedures.


Rodents – treatments (subject to species) may involve using rodenticides, trapping (live catch/dispatch), shooting, surveying structures, environmental changes to remove sources of rodents, repairs to stop ingress and re-visits to adhere to biocide legislation.


Other Mammals – services (subject to species) may involve identification of sources, proofing to stop ingress to land and property, deterrent/repellent, traps and environmental changes where applicable (subject to legislation) .


Birds – services (subject to species) may involve the use of proofing systems such as netting, spiking, wire strand system, scarers and decoy.