Cluster Fly


Average Adult Size:

  • 6-8mm.

Associated Risks:

  • A nuisance pest of no real risk to humans,
  • Cluster Fly infestations do not reflect a households waste or hygiene issues the pest simply rests within the structure over winter.

Life Cycle:

  • Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult,
  • Females lay eggs in soil, vegetation & other rotting organic materials allowing larva to parasitically penetrate earth worms until they emerge as adults over a period of 2-3 weeks,
  • Adults stop egg laying around august and will be seek resting places to over winter.

Life Style:

  • Common pest throughout the U.K & Europe,
  • Breeding sites are normally found on Green Belt land,
  • Can effect both domestic & commercial properties.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical treatment,
  • Environmental changes,
  • Proofing.