Common Wasp.

wasp & nest WATERMARKED

Average Adult Size:

  • 10mm – 20mm.

Associated Risks:

  • Possible stings to humans which can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people.

Life Cycle:

  • Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult,20140710_112947_7768 WATERMARKED
  • Many thousands of eggs can be laid by the queen wasp in her lifetime,
  • Average lifespan of around 12 months,
  • Found Worldwide.

Life Style:

  • Pronounced black and yellow banding on body,
  • Normally build nests (made out of a chewed wood & fibre mix) in cavities & voids of a building.
  • Nest normally produced in spring time,
  • Can effect both domestic & commercial properties,
  • Feeds upon a wide range of insects & sweet substances,
  • Can become aggressive if disturbed.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical treatment,
  • Removal of nest if required.