German Cockroach

german-cockroach-watermarked-copyAverage Adult Size:

  • 12-15mm.

Associated Risks:

  • Possible transmission of diseases,
  • Potential to transmit pathogens,
  • Possible contamination of food sources.

Life Cycle:

  • Egg, Nymph, Adult,
  • Eggs are carried on the female within an oothica casing with an average of 32 eggs per oothica,
  • Nymphol stage of pest will moult 5-7 times over a 2-6 month period before reaching adulthood,
  • Average adult lifespan is 6 months with females producing up to 5 oothica casings within this time.

Life Style:

  • Primarily a nocturnal pest,
  • Pest prefers humid conditions but can survive in colder climates,
  • Pest can normally be found close to a water source,
  • Good climbers on most surfaces,
  • Once within a structure pest is fast spreading throughout,
  • Can effect both domestic & commercial properties.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical treatment over a specific time scale,
  • Proactive cleaning regime.