Grey Squirrel

squirrel-2-watermarkedAverage Adult Size:

  • 470mm (from nose to tail),

Associated Risks:

  • Structural damage to property’s,
  • Damage to items stored in roof spaces,
  • Can cause damage to trees &saplings,
  • Transference of parasites.20160129_142041-watermarked

Life Cycle:

  • Pest has 2 breeding seasons – February to March & June to July,
  • Average litter size of 3-4 young,
  • Young weaned at 10 weeks,
  • Young generally leave dray August to September.

Life Style:20160129_142017-watermarked

  • Can be found in both domestic & commercial properties.
  • Prevalent in roof voids,
  • Tell-tale sign noticeable noises at daybreak (thumping, scratching & gnawing),
  • Droppings found in various shapes from cylindrical to clusters.

Control Method(s):

  • Trapping,
  • Chemical treatment,
  • Proofing& building maintenance.