Variegated Carpet Beetle

carpet-beetle-lava-watermarked-accurat-photo73Average Adult Size:

  • 2mm – 4mm.

Associated Risks:

  • Commonly occurring pest within domestic property causing damage to textiles,
  • Potential large numbers occurring.

Life Cycle:carpet-beetle-larva-watermarked-copy-accurat-photo72

  • Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult,
  • Females lay a number of eggs in April , May, June, when looking for egg laying sites
  • Also seen before hibernating in October

Life Style:

  • Found worldwide,
  • Commonly found in domestic Houses
  • Primary food source of larvae is natural food in birds nests and animal remains or textiles.
  • Adults feed on pollen.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical intervention and extraction cleaning.
  • Changes to habitat and removal of food sources.