woodlice-watermarked-accurat-photo121Average Adult Size:

  • 15mm.

Associated Risks:

  • Common garden pest,
  • Can cause damage to the fabric of buildings.

Life Cycle:

  • Egg, Nymph, Adult,
  • The female usually produces an average of 150 eggs carried within the body before releasing them into the surrounding environment,
  • Pest has an average lifespan of 12 – 18 months.

Life Style:

  • Part of the crustacean group of pests,
  • Pest normally forages in damp conditions,
  • Prevalent beneath areas of coverage &/or rotting vegetation,
  • Can effect both domestic & commercial properties.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical treatment,
  • Environmental changes,
  • Proofing / maintenance works.