Woodworm Beetle

20160704_111227-accurat-photo56Average Adult Size:

  • 6-7mm.

Associated Risks:

  • A nuisance pest that raises issues of cost & personal injury due to damage of wooden items within the structure of the property.

Life Cycle:

  • Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult,

Life Style:

  • Females lay their eggs in the chosen timber withinsmall cracks or holes after approx. 3 weeks the 1mm long larva bore internally thought the wood for 3-4 years then as the pets grow to about 7 mm they prepare to pupate near the surface and then emerging as adult,
  • The insects can cause structural weakness in cases effecting floor boards that could endanger residents,
  • Could have a large financial impact if attacking expensive or antique wooden items,
  • Can effect both domestic & commercial properties.

Control Method(s):

  • Chemical treatment,
  • Environmental changes.